Free Fire Advance Server 2022 Download

Free Fire Gamers, I am aware that you are looking for the free fire advance server download. You must download the latest version of the free fire advance server and choose it when asked whether you want to play. Today’s topic will be how to get the free Fire advance server software.

Free Fire is the most popular Battle Royale game. Its popularity is rising every day. Free Fire will upgrade its advanced server in two to three months, as everyone is aware. Prior to the launch of the new server or map update, players may play games on the Free Fire advanced server. Users get first access to the server thanks to an advanced server.

You must immediately download the most current version of the free fire advanced server program since, as a free fire player, you are eager to play on the new free fire advanced server. Downloading the Free Fire advanced server software is really easy.

Get the FF Advance Server apk or the Free Fire Advance Server. Simply follow the simple procedures below if you have already signed up for the Free Fire Advance Server and have a Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code. Check our free fire VPN for speedy gaming; a fast-speed VPN may enhance your gaming experience.

I provide the advanced server app as a second option to access the free fire advance server. Simply follow one of these to obtain the free fire advanced server apk. Below is a list of the trendiest free fire names with symbols and characters. Here, you may edit your free fire User Name.

Advance Server Free Fire 2022

Download the instructions for installing the Fire Advance Server app, which is free. To download the official app, you must be a registered user of the Free Fire Advance Server. A button to download the Free Fire Advance Server AOK will show when you join up for the Free Fire Advance Server. Click to download the software, then launch your free fire game on the free fire advance server.

Get the FF Advance Server apk now.

The second method is very simple and easy to use for obtaining Free Fire Advance Server. This maneuver is available to all players in free-fire. You don’t need to register to use the Fire Advance Server software, which is free. You may get the most current version of the free fire advance server apk using the link given below. The simplest and best solution is to click here to get FF Advance Server.

Why Did You Download the FF Advance Server from This Website?

There are many benefits to downloading the FF Advance Server program from google playstore. You get access to the primary and official APK from us. a download option with just one click. The free Fire advance server software is made by us in the most current version. The fact that the software is accessible to all Free Fire players is its biggest advantage. However, you must have the server activation code beforehand.

how to obtain free access to the fire advance server

Easily Downloadable

The app for the official website

updated version (Latest version)

zero viruses

Universal app

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Code redemption for the new Free Fire | 2022

It is possible to sign up for a free fire advance server.

Free Fire Advanced Server Registration | Free Fire Max OB34 Update | ff Advance Server

Download the FF advance server apk.

You may download the Fire Advance Server app for free at any time beginning on January 9, 2022. Because the primary and official FF Advance Server app will be made available on September 1, 2022. We strive to always provide the genuine free firer advance server apk.

Get the fire advance server apk for free.

Ff advance server apk is the name of the app.

For the app, 766 MB

Availability: September 1, 2022

7:00 p.m. on May 9, 2022, last updated.

Please leave a comment if you have any issues installing the free Fire advance server software. We will provide the URL in your reply.

If you didn’t register on the free fire advance server page, just read ff advance server registration to acquire your advance server activation code. If you run into any issues registering and getting an activation code, you may post a comment on this page. I’ll try to provide you with a free fire advance server activation code.

Obtaining a free fire advance server registration

A person wants to know how to sign up for the FF Advance Server. If you fall within this category, properly following the procedures will allow you to register for an advanced server at no cost. I’ve already prepared an article on how to sign up for the Free Fire Advance Server. By clicking the aforementioned link, you may read the article.

Free Fire Advance Server 2022 Download

Activation code for the Free Fire Advance Server

We free fire gamers are aware that in order to access or use the advanced server software, we need at least one free fire advance server activation code. Using this activation code, we are allowed to connect to the FF Advance server and play the game.

updated 3B81H1PJDZ8QN242

FKJ8Y44480NXS6D0 new

Vintage JY81H1P5HE8QNW4F

I have a deal for you if you tried to obtain a free fire advance server activation code but were unsuccessful: you can get one for nothing. As a result, if you’d like a free Fire activation code, simply leave a comment below, and I’ll send it to you right away.

Early Server 2022 Update

Gerina is the name of a free-fire gaming company. Free Fire often modifies its OB. The next update for free fire is the Garena Free Fire OB36 Nexterra Map. The OB36 updates include both the big and small adjustments listed below.

We only know about the most recent major OB-34 Update for free fire. You may check out the Free Fire OB34 update right now if you’re not familiar with it. Check it out to find out more about the sophisticated Server 2022 Release and the likelihood of the next update.

Free Fire OB36 update

Map Futurera

Free Fire OB36 update

Added a fresh skin for guns

character update skins

Healing and power need time.


Where can I get the free Fire Advance Server?

Ans. 1: You may get the fire advance server apk for free from both our website and the official website. We provide a straightforward one-click download option to acquire the FF Advance Server APK.

Obtaining a free fire advanced server activation code is question number two.

Ans. 2: Obtaining an advanced server activation code is not too difficult. To find out how to register a Free Fire Advance Server, go to our website. You may also sign up and get an Advanced Server Activation Code by visiting the official website for Free Fire.

How can I properly download the Free Fire OB36 Advance Server ask?

I wish you will like this essay. It may be used to get both the free fire advance server software and the free fire advance server registration. If you don’t have an activation code for the FF advance server, don’t panic; just write a remark and we’ll see what we can do to assist.

A few days ago, the much anticipated OB36 Advance Server started in earnest. Find out how to get Garena Free Fire’s apk version. A small group of cautiously launched users have been granted permission to test it out and provide input to the developers before it goes live on September 20. It is only a matter of time since New Weapon, Mode, and other improvements are ready to be implemented in the game. You may download the Free Fire OB36 Advance Server apk using the information provided below. For more information on the Garena Free Fire Advance Server Download, visit InsideSport.IN.

Advance Fire Free Server Registration 2022

The Free Fire Max Advanced Server APK has been released for Android. If you’re interested in knowing more about the free fire game, you may use this information to discover more about the max free fire advance server. Dear Free Fire Game Players: If you play the Max Advance Server, you should be informed that it is a new version of the Free Fire game. In this updated version, you may connect to new games. And for those of you who like playing free fire games, the free fire advance server publishes a new, updated version every two months.

One such version is Free Fire Max Advanced Server 2022. From this information, you can simply learn about the Max server code and registration method. The OB36 code for Free Fire Advanced Server is also available for download. You will also get all the information required to operate Free Fire Max Advanced Server on Android. Because playing the updated edition of Free Fire on Android is necessary. There are several new game features that you may discover via the Android version. So without further ado, let’s get started with today’s subject.

Free Fire Advance Server 2022 Download

Free fire games should be a known concept to you. You are aware that the Free Fire server in essence informs you when the game is going to be updated. By inputting the code from this website, anybody interested in obtaining Free Fire Advance Server 2022 may do so. To learn what the next level of the free fire game will reveal, utilize this server. since many of you are not acquainted with cutting-edge servers.

We thus hope that this post has thoroughly explained Free Fire Advanced Server 2022 to you. Additionally, you can get Free Fire Advance Server Max from this site and acquire all the information related to it, as well as complete information on downloading the Free Fire Advance Server APK.

Free Fire Advance Server 2022 Download

advanced Free Fire server update

Free Fire Advance Server has been updated for 2022. You might see the new update server for September at this point. You are all known that one of the most popular video games in 2022 is Free Fire. Because of this, a lot of you Free Fire players want to know more about the Free Fire Advance Server 2022 upgrade. You are all aware that the September 2022 update for the Free Fire Advance Server will provide a new character and pet. Because character is something that all of you who engage in playing free-fire games hold in high regard.

You may increase the difficulty of your game and beat your opponents by utilizing this character to harvest gems. The server is upgraded every two months, as all Free Fire gamers are aware. Similar to this, the September upgrade to the Free Fire Advanced Server was released. Therefore, you should upgrade your server right away.

Obtaining a free fire advance server registration

My buddies, are you new to the Free Fire game?

Are you interested in signing up for the free fire advance server? By following the steps outlined here, signing up for the Free Fire Advanced Server will be quite straightforward for you. You are all aware that in order to play games, the free fire advance server has to collect the most recent information. Thus, you must advance the server station. So, below, we’ll show you how to utilize the Free Fire Advanced Server Station. Because of this, setting up a free fire advance server station is straightforward.

Free-Fire Advance Server Registering Registration 2022

Visit Garena’s official website by visiting
You’ll see two choices after that.
logging in to Facebook.
Connect to Gmail.
Any of them may be used by you to log in.

After that, you must register with your data.

Free Fire advance server code

Brothers and sisters, who play the free fire game, are you looking for the free fire advance server code? If you’re having difficulties getting the free fire advance server new code, you’ve come to the right place. You may quickly get a free fire advance server code from us. You may also get a free fire advance server code from various social media sites and YouTube channels. Every two months, the free fire advance server is upgraded, as you are all aware, and new apps are made available. You need to use fresh code in order to reach a new server.

You must participate in Free Fire’s Garena program as a partner in order to get the new Free Fire Advanced Server Code. However, I really hope that you will be able to take the code from here and use it to quickly connect to the advanced server and play the new game features. We have included both the current and previous Free Fire Advance Server codes below for your convenience. Use the codes listed below to quickly get into the Free Fire Advance server. To make it easier to access the Free Fire Advanced server, collect these codes.


Reference number: 01C5BU16HW08Z10D (new)
Indicator 20TIQSI7RWR2QUHU (new)
The code is XHVES9EF99BNZEYO (new)
Identification code: 2W7E3H47J07TPYIPE (old)

Many of you are attempting to locate the official site for the free-fire games. Free Fire’s official website address is Through this website, you can simply find out all there is to know about the free fire game. You can learn all you need to know about the Free Fire Advanced Server here as well. Using this link, you may download and sign up for the Free Fire Advance Server. As a result, you are welcome to use this website to learn anything about your Free Fire game or to get fresh, updated information. I really hope the details about free fire games were useful.

Garena Free Fire advance server

Prior to the release of each update, users mainly release the Advance Server to solicit user input. The Advance Server, which goes online exactly two weeks before the first update is officially published, allows players to access the game’s most recent features. The Advance Server is still running as of right now, and it will shut down on September 9. The implementation of the OB36 Update will start on September 20, 2022.

Garena Free Fire Advance Server: learn all you need to know about downloading the Free Fire OB36 Advance Server apk, including instructions on how to get the apk version of the server.

Check out the instructions for downloading the Garena Free Fire Advance Server apk version (Image via Garena)

Read more: Free Fire MAX Instinct Bandana Top-Up: Berserk Reptilia Blueprint, Darkrose Scythe, and More!

How can the Free Fire OB36 Advance Server apk be downloaded correctly?

As stated before, players with the Activation Code are able to test out the newest in-game features during this period. Players may also report any faults or malfunctions, and those who are successful in doing so will get bonus diamonds. They may follow these steps to download the apk and start utilizing the features.

Garena Free Fire Advance Server: learn all you need to know about downloading the Free Fire OB36 Advance Server apk, including instructions on how to get the apk version of the server.

The most effective method for downloading the Garena Free Fire Advance Server in apk format (Image via Garena)

Players may access the official website for the Free Fire Advance Server by clicking this link.

They should choose to log in using the same account they previously used. There are just two choices available: Facebook and Google.

Gamers just need to click the APK download button in the screen’s center to begin the download. Before downloading the apk file, users must make sure their cellphones have adequate storage space for installation.

Users may quickly install the file when the download is finished if they activate the “Install from Unknown Source” option in their settings.

Now that the game is launched, players may log in as guests. When prompted, they must provide an Activation Code as previously stated.

If they run into issues, gamers may download the apk again and proceed with the installation. At this point, all players are free to download the APK, but only those with an Activation Code will be allowed to connect to the server. All of them, so to speak, are related to the current server. Information will be given throughout the next days in the meantime. So, be mindful. For more information about Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max, visit InsideSport.IN.

Free fire advance server download 2022: The Fire OB36 upgrade is anticipated to be live on September 14. The facts that Clash Squad Season 14 will end on September 15 and that most of the game’s previous updates were published the day before the season’s ‘ranked’ finale both corroborate this assertion. On this day, users cannot access the game due to a bug since the servers will be offline for maintenance.

Free-Fire Advance Server Download

The free fire community has been astounded by the OB36 update for Garena Free Fire. Today, there is a lot of interest in the Free Fire Advance Server OB36 upgrade. Garena Free Fire’s great gameplay and frequent updates continue to enthrall battle royale aficionados all around the world. If you’ve been waiting for the upcoming Free Fire update, you’re in luck. Considering that there are several internet speculations about the next upgrade, we will provide you all the information you want.

Remember that Advance Server is not an official upgrade that has been made available worldwide. Actually, it’s more of an opportunity for beta testing by developers. On these cutting-edge servers, users may try out new features and provide developers with feedback. Developers use this input to make the required corrections prior to the official updates being available to the general public in all countries. Despite the fact that the game is outlawed in India by the Indian government, you are still allowed to play Garena Free Fire OB36 while you wait for the update. If you received Garena Free Fire using third-party software, go to Advanced Server OB36.

When will the Free Fire advance server be available?

111dots Studio just confirmed the release date for the OB36 Advanced Server (developers). On September 7, 2022, the server is anticipated to become live. The advanced server is active from around a week ago till September 14, 2022. the release of a new OB36 patch.

However, the creators have not made the Advance Server launch date public. Each server has a different release schedule, and the start time is configurable. Indian users may, however, plan on the OB36 Advance Server being operational from 12 to 2 PM. Digital Birth Certificate Registration or Download

Users should not worry about looking for the OB36 Advance Server APK in India. Unlike the program that is available in the Google Play store, the Advance Server APK download is a modified version that anybody anywhere in the globe may install. NID Card Address & Name change

Diamonds and rewards were included in the game by the game’s designer, Garena, to keep players’ attention. Before releasing the new update on the worldwide version, Free Fire creates an upgraded server and debuts the new features there. Players who encounter issues should report them to the Garena engineers. Additionally, these users get free gems as payment. Players are quite enthusiastic about the latest update, which adds new characters, weapons, pets, ability balancing, and more. Free Fire diamond top up

Free Fire advance server code

Title of the game: Garena Free Fire

the creator of 111dots Studio

The Fire Advanced Server is known as Access OB36 Advanced Server.

Location All throughout India

Diamonds worth 1000–2000 as a reward

Internet address:

Free Fire OB36 early server update

Free Fire, which offers a version of features, has been made available for the OB36 game. The important points about FF OB36 are as follows:

You will have the opportunity to check for issues and report them to the Free Fire team. Then you will get free diamonds and other gifts.

Garena FF Advance online activation codes are hard to come by, so sign up to get one.

It will only be accessible to those who have the Advanced Server activation code.

The cutting-edge server from Free Fire may be used with any Android smartphone. Soon, the iOS version will be available.

Advanced Free Fire Server Registration

To obtain the OB36 APK file, players need just register on the official Free Fire website.

The only people who may register are those who have an FF Advance Server Code. Without the code, players won’t be able to sign up for the new server. The procedures for signing up and logging into the FF Advance Server are detailed below.

The user must first visit, the game’s official website.

You may now choose to sign in using your Facebook account. Click that link to bookmark the FF Advance Server download page.

You must now provide information like your full name, phone number, and email address.

The “Join Now” option will show up on your screen after you have finished filling out and submitting all the required information. Click the link to pre-register for FF Advanced Server. Zero Hour Game Free Download

Free Use of the Fire Advanced Server by 2022

Readers who are proficient in discovering how to get cutting-edge servers need to check this out without hesitation. You may access FF Advanced Server by following the instructions in the paragraphs below: How To Reset Password Tpmifi Mobile (Pocket) Router

Visit the Garena Free Fire official website at to begin the process.

The main page of the FF Portal will then load on that page.

Now that you’ve scrolled down the page, you can see two options: Facebook Login and Google Login.

Options for logging onto a free advanced server

Selecting any of the aforementioned choices will bring up a new page.

The login ID that you used to create the FF id should then be entered.

The next step is to fill out and submit all the required information.

After registration is finished, an activation code will be given.

Facebook advance server activation code

Install Free Free Advance right now on the necessary hardware.

After downloading, install it, then input the activation code.

Advanced Server is once again accessible to you.

Registration for the Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code for September 2022: This post contains links to the Free Fire Advance Server APK download as well as crucial instructions for FF players about login, activation codes, VPNs, and other matters. You may check the Free Fire updates on the webpage. Now you may download the OB36 Advance Server APK files using Free Fire Max and Free Fire. Players may report game bugs or flaws and get rewards like Gun Skins, Free diamonds, a title, an outfit, and other items. Players may also be informed of planned events and check for updates about leaks.

Google Play Redeem Code: Additional Daily Free Gifts

September 2022 Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code (OB36 APK Download)

Free Fire Advance Server Registration Code: Three weeks prior to the release of the worldwide upgrade, Free Fire Advanced Server online registration will begin. Players will have five days to register for the FF Advance APK and eight days to test the Free Fire game. Players that report bugs will get free diamonds and other rewards.

Code for activating the Free Fire Advance Server.

Important Information for the Free Fire Advance Server Code [APK Download]

Garena Game Company

Title of the game Free Fire/ FF Max

Version OB36

Free Fire Advance Server APK File

Launch of Advanced Server on September 1, 2022

8th September 2022: Advanced Server Closure

Diamonds worth up to 1000 to 3000 in rewards

Getting paid

Find bugs, report reports, and collect diamonds

Available Now: Activation Code

Website of the organization:

APK Download Is Available

Release Date for the Free Fire OB36 Update

The CS-Ranked Season (Clash Squad) is about to come to an end, and Garena has been delivering fresh updates either on that day or the day before. Following that, users may also anticipate when the OB36 version will be released. Given that the CS-Ranked Season will end on September 22, 2022, it is anticipated that the following Free Fire update will be released around that day. Players will thus have to wait for around a month.

OB36 Registration Code for the Free Fire Advance Server

From the exact URL provided here, download the Free Fire Advance Server OB36. Players may join the FF team by registering via Facebook and earning significant rewards. Through the Free Fire official website,, registration may be completed. Here is how to download the APK and OBB files. Free Fire Advance may be downloaded by users both with and without a VPN.

Grand Prize: In light of their efforts

Diamonds: 3000 Main Contributor (1 Person)

Principal Contributor: 2000 Diamonds

Three significant contributors: 1000 Diamonds

Using the Free Fire Advance server game has a ton of advantages since it was created by the FF Garena firm to provide all Royle Battle players a chance to test out new modes and YouTube streams a chance to acquire impending updates first. Additionally, we’ll list some special rewards that you may get from FF Advance below:

Garena Free Fire Advance Server Features

Players may post their reviews and communicate directly with the FF Garena Developer teams.

All planned OB36 Updates will be made available to players for free, including any new updates or leaks.

Players may report game bugs or flaws and get rewards like Gun Skins, Free diamonds, a title, an outfit, and other items.

If players report a problem or malfunction, they may get free diamonds.

A Free Mythic Suit, Room, Character, Gun Skins, and more Executive Premium Rewards will also be given to players.

The gamer will be recruited to a special team if they discovered a significant bug in the next OB36 Updates.

When can I begin to play?

You may begin participating on September 1, 2022.

When will the server shut down?

On September 8, 2022, the server will be shut off.

Access to the Free Fire Advanced Server will be granted to all registered users.

For access to Advance Server, use the activation code. There are just a few codes available. Register right away to get your code.


All the information required by Free Fire’s advanced server is given above. Still, if you have any difficulty understanding any information, then comment in the comment box below. We will definitely try our best to solve the problem.

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