Jagannath University admission Circular 2020-21

Jagannath University admission Circular 2020-21 has held published in 2021. The results of the HSC examination have been released, now it is time for them to be admitted to a new institution. The most major step in the life of every student is to get admission to any institution of their choice with good results in HSC. The most important step in the life of every student is to get admission to any institution of their choice with good results in HSC. This is the main reason why HSC has held given so much importance. However, we come back to the main point of the topic. 


Jagannath university admission Notice 2021

Only citizens of Bangladesh who have passed the HSC or equivalent examination from 2017 to 2020 can apply. Those who have passed HSC before 2017 will not be able to apply. The total result of SSC and equivalent and HSC examinations should be 7.50. Any single way If there is a subject in it Must be at least 3.50. Moreover, for tribes, SSC and equivalent and minimum of 8.00 points in HSC examination should be required. For easier understanding, see the below image very carefully. 


Jagannath university Unit System

JNU Unit System



Jagannath University Admission Apply Date 2021:

Admission apply start date: Not Available

Admission applies deadline date: Not Available


Jagannath University Admission Marks System 2021:

  • Admission Test system: MCQ

    • Total Marks: 100

    • Questions: 100

    • Total Time: 1 hour : 45 minutes (105 minutes)

    • Biology: 30 marks

    • Chemistry: 25 marks

    • Physics: 20 marks

    • English: 15 marks

    • General Knowledge: 10 marks

    • Bangladesh affairs: 6 marks

    • International affairs: 4 marks

      Total MCQ: 60 Marks

      SAQ( Short Answer Question): 40 Msrks


JNU Marks System


Jagannath University Admission Apply System 2021

Bangladeshi nationals who have applied for SSC / S equivalent examination in the foreign education program can apply by converting their passing mark sheets into conventional GPAs. In that case, you have to take the ID number by a bank draft of 2000 taka in the Bangladesh Education Department. The original mark sheet and certificate of equivalent examination of SSC / HSC are applicable for the collection of equivalence certificates. 2021

Bangladesh is currently a developing country. So many Jagannath universities have held created in Bangladesh. So many students are admitted to Jagannath University every year. This time, many of those who have passed HSC and equivalent examinations from 2017 to 2020 will be admitted to Jagannath University. Best wishes to all the students who will apply. If you want to apply, you have to apply from the official website of Jagannath University. Also, visit this link to get any detailed information. 


জগন্নাথ বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে ভর্তির আবেদন ২০২১

Jagannath University Admission Circular 2020-21

Jagannath University Admission Circular PDF Download. Download Now


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