MIST Admission Circular 2023 Apply Now

Military Institute Of Science And Technology Admission Circular 2023

Dear candidates MIST Admission Circular 2023 Apply Now has been published on this website. So, if you want to apply Military Institute Of Science And Technology visit this site now. Here you can apply very easily. Online Apply

To get admission to the Military Institute of Technology students have to apply online first. Many students do not know how to apply for admission. So today’s post is very important for them. Everything required for admission is discussed in detail below.

Some Important Information About MIST Admission

Beginning on February 19, 2023, Online Application Submission
The online application deadline is March 2, 2023
Admission Test Date: 18 March 2023
Time allotted for the admission test (Unit A): 1000–1300 hours
Length of the admission test (Unit A+B, B): 1000–1300 hours and 1500–1700 hours
Tk 1000 for Unit A, Tk 1200 for Unit B and A+B, respectively, for the Admission Form.
Dhaka Admission Office (Details are available in the final list posted on the MIST website.)
A Shortlist of Examinees posted on the MIST website on March 9, 2023
09 April 2023 is the potential admission date.

2. Programs for Undergraduates: Engineering (Unit A) and Architecture are two units (Unit B). Exams for both units must be taken by architecture applicants. The Engineering and Architecture (Unit A+B) exams are both open to applicants.

MIST Admission Requirements For Applying 2023

3. Requirements for Applying:
a. SSC (or Equivalent): Applicants who passed the examination in 2020 and 2019 in the Science Group with a minimum GPA of A 4.00 (without the fourth subject) on a scale of 5.00.
a. HSC (or Equivalent): Applicants who passed in 2022 (results published in 2023) and obtained a minimum overall Grade Point Average of 17 in four subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English).
c. GCE (or its equivalent, “O” and “A” Levels):
(1) Applicants who passed the GCE “O” Level in 2021 and 2020 with a minimum grade of “B” in five subjects, including English, Physics, and Chemistry.
(2) Applicants who passed the GCE “A” Level Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry with a minimum of two “B” grades and one “C” grade in 2022 and 2021.
d. Candidates interested in biomedical engineering must have biology at the high school or equivalent level with a minimum grade point of “A-” or at the GCE or equivalent level with a minimum grade point of “C.”

4. The Written Test Shortlisting.
A. Candidates who have been shortlisted are eligible to take the written test. Candidates who passed the H.S.C./Equivalent Examination in 2021 and 2022 are included in this group.
b. For the purpose of selection to participate in the written admission test solely, two different lists of applicants (one for the current year and the other for the previous year) will be prepared.

MIST Admission Exam Marks Distribution 2023

5. Exam and Marks Distribution:
a. The questions will be given in both Bangla and English, and applicants may choose to respond in any language.
The following table shows the mark distributions for the two units:
The topic of Ser Unit Marks Comments
1. Mathematics 80 in Unit A (Engineering and Architecture) 200 marks total
Exam duration: three hours
HSC 2022/Equivalent Syllabus
3. Chemistry 40. Physics 60. 4. English 20.

5. Drawing and related subjects in Unit B (Architecture)
100 Marks totaled 200 (A) plus 100. (B)
Exam time: three and a half hours including a break.
b. Results from S.S.C., H.S.C., or equivalent exams are not graded. Based only on the Written Test, a merit list will be prepared. For both Unit A and Unit B, the minimum passing score on the written test is 40%.
c. Candidates who passed the HSC in 2021 will have five percent (5%) of their written test scores subtracted. For admission and departmental assignment, a combined merit list (applicants who passed the HSC in 2022 and 2021) would thereafter be prepared. Similar guidelines will apply to English medium and equivalent courses.

MIST Admission Applying Online Process 2023

6. Submission of the Application Form: Applications must be submitted electronically exclusively via the MIST website ( The applicant will receive a USER ID online upon successful application submission. The applicant must send an SMS from a Teletalk pre-paid mobile phone to 16222 with that USER ID and the necessary balance. The application cost is Tk 1200 (one thousand two hundred) for UNIT B and UNIT (A+B) and Tk 1000 (one thousand) for UNIT A. The MIST website provides comprehensive instructions for submitting an e-application and fees. The applicant will receive a passcode through SMS after successfully completing both, which they may use to obtain their admit card later.

MIST Admission Circular 2023
MIST Admission Circular 20237. Needed Documents for Quota Applicants: The original, attested copies of the following papers must be submitted to the MIST Admission Office by March 2, 2023, for quota authentication and verification.
Heroic freedom fighters are those who have obtained a relationship certificate and detailed information from the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs website (
Children of Military Personnel (Military Ward):

(1) Providing. a letter of authorization from the organization’s leader.
(2) Disabled:
(a) Officers: CORO, Navy Secretariat, or Air Secretariat certificate.
(b) Certificate/Service Record Book from the appropriate Arms/Record Service’s Offices/Drafting Office for JCO/OR/NC(E) of the Army, Navy, or Air Force.

Children of Serving Permanent Workers of the Ministry of Defence and MIST only: A certificate from the relevant organization’s authorized authority.
d. Ethnic Minority: Local Upazila Chairman issues a certificate, which is countersigned by District Commissioner.

8. For GCE or equivalent applicants, a physical copy of the transcript or certificate that has been certified must be submitted to the MIST Admission Office by March 2, 2023, for authentication and verification.

9. At any point throughout the admissions process, candidates who provide fraudulent or incomplete information shall be dismissed.

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Last Word:

Candidates who are unable to apply for admission. They put their problems in the comment box below. We will try our best to solve your problem.

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