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Who Is Murtoza Hasan Apurbo

Murtoza Hasan Apurbo is a simple citizen of Bangladesh. He is an honest boy. He is not a celebrity, not a popular person. He is a student. His good name is: MD Murtoza Hasan and his nickname is: Apurbo or Tanin.

Murtoza Hasan Apurbo Early Life & Education

Murtoza was born on 2nd July 2002 in Bangladesh. He is 20+ Years old. Murtoza Hasan Apurbo is a student of B.S.S. His institute name: is Charghat Alhaz MA Hadi College. And he grew up in Rajshahi City. His parents are also Bangladeshi citizens. His father is a shopkeeper and his mother is a housewife.

Murtoza Hasan Apurbo’s Occupation

Murtoza is just a student. But he is now working at Google AdSense. That’s why he is a freelancer. He is a also professional photographer. He loves photography.

Murtoza Hasan Apurbo’s Height & Weight

Murtoza is not too much tall. His height is just 5Feet 7inch. That’s why he is not too much tall. His weight is 62K.G. He is healthy.

Murtoza Hasan Apurbo’s Girlfriend

Murtoza Hasan Apurbo is a single person. He has no girlfriend. From the beginning of his life till now no girl came into his life It is very difficult to predict what will happen in the future to his girlfriend. He loves passing on his single life. Because life is a freedom life. He is enjoying every moment of his life without a girlfriend because a girlfriend means more trouble.

Murtoza Hasan Apurbo’s Wife

He is just 20 years old that’s why he is unmarried. Otherwise, he has no type of job or business. This is why she is not married yet. He will decide to marry when he feels established, not before.

Murtoza Hasan Apurbo’s Contact Information

Murtoza Hasan Apurbo has many social media accounts. Here you can get his contact info and social media link.

Facebook Account link: Facebook.

Twitter Account link: Twitter.

Instagram Account link: Instagram.

LinkedIn Account link: LinkedIn.

Some photos of Murtoza Hasan Apurbo

Murtoza Hasan Apurbo
Murtoza Hasan Apurbo
Murtoza Hasan Apurbo
Murtoza Hasan Apurbo
Murtoza Hasan Apurbo
Murtoza Hasan Apurbo

His Favourite Game

He loves to play Free Fire. He is not a pro player but he plays well. His Free-Fire UID: 1624411828.


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I am Murtoza Hasan Apurbo. I am a student. I am from Rajshahi. Of all the freelancing sectors, my favorite one is blogging. Because with this blogging I can get to know all the other people and blogging to help people worldwide.

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