(প্রকাশিত) NU Honours 1st Year Result 2022

NU Honours First Year Result 2022 was published. Regarding the Honours First Year Result 2022, National University published several announcements. This result pertains to first-year Honours students (Session 2022).

Honours 1st Year Result 2022

We shall go into great detail about the first-year test results for honours in this post. How to view online results How to use SMS to receive results In this post, there will be more discussion of the specific results. Please read the whole post attentively, brothers. I hope you are a student. Let’s begin.

Additionally, the notice describes how students may get their results online and by SMS. We shall go into great detail about how to acquire results from SMS & online in this post.

2022 NU Honours First-Year Result

Today, April 21, 2022, marks the publication of the results of the Honours first-year examination of 2020. From today at 7 o’clock, this result will be accessible on the students’ website of this university. At 7 o’clock today, it will also be accessible through SMS.

For the test in 31 Honours courses, a total of 4 lakh 78 thousand 249 students from 879 colleges registered. Beginning at 7 o’clock, students may get the results by SMS. The results are also accessible on the official website.

Honours first-year exam results for 2022 were released on April 21, 2022.
Examinees in total: 4,74,249
Publication platforms: a website and SMS
So let’s not focus on the notice’s opening statement concerning this result. Then, we’ll discuss how to use SMS or any other method to view the results online.

Notice of First Year Honours result in 2022

Regarding the results of the first year of Honours, the National University today released two circulars on April 21, 2012. See what this notice has to say about the results.

Honours 1st Year Result

The 2020 Honours first-year examination results have been announced, subject to clearance by the Academic Council & Syndicate, according to a statement from the National University. The examination results were published today, and that is the only thing that has been discussed here today.

The National University Honours first-year examination results have also been released, and the notice is provided below.

The notification described above pertains to the test results’ publication and how they will be received. Below, we shall go into further detail on this.

How to get the 2022 NU Honours First Year Result?

There are two methods to find out the results of the Honours first-year test, according to the National University’s notification. The first method is to check your results online using your registration number and roll number. The second method is to send an SMS with your test results to get them.

nu result warning
Here, we’ll go through both of the ways in depth so you can achieve your results. Let’s see how Honours first-year exam results may be quickly obtained online or by SMS.

Honours First Year Online Result

You must adhere to the following rules in order to find my first-year test number online. Below, we’ve included step-by-step instructions for the comprehensive rules so you can quickly click to see your results.

Visit the following website:
Choose First Year Honours from the left side.

Honours 1st Year Result Check Official Site Link 2022

Enter the Roll/Registration Number from your admissions card now.
then enter the current Year.
Fill out the captcha code now.
Click the Search Result button now.
You’ve finished.
You can easily get the National University Honours first-year exam results online by using this method.

Note specifically: As soon as the results are announced, the work of all the students causes the server demand to increase significantly. As a result, you could feel a bit humiliated when you see the online results. In this scenario, you have the option of sending an SMS to get your results or waiting a while to view them.

Honours 1st Year Result 2022 Check By SMS

Students have two options for getting their first-year honours results: online and by text message. They must submit an SMS in order to get the National University Honours first-year results on their mobile device. To get the result, you may use any cellphone operator. Type-

H1 with a space after NU SEND REGISTRATION NO. AND 16222

For instance, send NU H1 12345678901 to 16222.

You may easily get the National University results via SMS by adhering to these rules. You must bear in mind that there will be a particular price for each SMS if you want to withdraw through SMS.

A different approach to applying the College Wise Method to Get Results
Due to the server’s high load at the moment, you won’t be able to view the results on the National University website. Using one of our applications, you will in this case be able to examine the results prior to the College Wise Result Method.

Honours 1st Year Result Check By Mobile App

The app is called “NU Result” and is available for download from the Play Store. For your convenience, I have included a link to the app and this post in the description.

Honours 1st Year Result Link 2022

After reading the preceding post, if you still don’t understand, watch the video below to find out how to get the results. For your convenience, an instructional video is provided below.

How can I Check My Honours 1st Year Result 2022

Results are often visible after a few days or after the test results have been published together with the mark sheet. Today, however, the National University posts the examination results and the grade report on this website.

In this case, you must attempt to view the Honours first-year examination results after 7 p.m. to view the whole mark sheet. We will, however, provide further information about any modifications.

অনার্স ১ম বর্ষের ফলাফল ২০২২

NU Honours 1st Year Result 2022

Honours First Year Results Re-check Process Notice about the request for a review of the results of the honours first-year examination has been published. The revised notification states that the Honours first-year examination results revision will begin on April 27, 2022, and terminate on March 15, 2022.

In such cases, students must submit an application for a result review or challenge within a certain deadline and pay a predetermined price. If the request to review the results has not yet been published, we will let you know here.

System of Grades for Honours at the National University

National University Grading System” This post will assist in understanding how test papers will be used as the foundation for grades.

80% or above, A+ (Plus) 4.01 75% to under 80% A (Plain) 3.75 75% to under 80% A- (Minus) 3.50 B+, 65 to 70 per cent (Plus) 3.25 65% to under 60% B (Plain) 3.0 55% to under 60% B- (Minus) 2.75 C+, from 50% to less than 55% (Plus) 2.50 40% to 50% C and below (Plain) 2.25 45% to under 40% D (Plain) 2.01 40% (below 40%) F (Fail) (Fail) 0.00 \sNU Pass marks with honours.

All needed and set courses and exams (written, oral, practical, etc.) necessitate active involvement from the students. The students must get at least 40% of the possible points in each subject to pass, which is equivalent to a D grade, which is worth 2 points.

National University Honours 1st Year Result 2022

Only a D or higher grade, more points, or more credits will be considered in this case. The noncredit of English courses in relation to increasing a GPA would not be a result.

Check out this article for additional information about the National University Grading System: NU Grading System 2022.

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জাতীয় পরিচয় পত্রের স্থান ও নাম পরিবর্তন, জাতীয় পরিচয় পত্র সংশোধন -NID Card Address & Name change
Digital Birth Certificate Registration or Download
ডিজিটাল জন্ম নিবন্ধন রেজিস্ট্রেশন এবং ডাউনলোড

Honours First-year result

Here, we’ve attempted to address some frequently asked issues concerning the Honours first-year examinations. The solutions to these questions should come to the students on their own, I hope.

When will the 2022 first-year honours results be released?
On April 27, 2022, at 7 o’clock, the results of the Honours first-year examination will be published publicly.

How can I acquire the first-year honours test results?
You must access this website ( and search using your registration number to find the results of the Honours first-year test.

Can I use the app to find the results of my honours first-year exam?

Yes, it is feasible. To get your result along with your roll and registration number, download the NU Result app from the Google Play Store.

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