Govt School Admission Migration System 2023

Government High School Admission GSA Result 2021 has been published yesterday. Many people are very happy with the results of the admission test, and many people have suffered because they could not get admission in the school. Because many students hoped to make a living by enrolling in a good school. Because many students hoped to make a living by enrolling in a good school. Another big factor is who decides which school will win the lottery.

 What is Migration 

There are many students who do not know what migration means, only know the word migration. So it is very important to know the meaning before migration. Migration means: Applying for admission to another school after failing to get admission in the school of one’s choice through admission tests in many schools. Migration is not just done for school admissions, it is done to change subjects after admission, to change departments. I hope we all understand what is Govt School Admission Migration System.

Reasons for Migration 2023

The main reason for Govt School Admission Migration System is to create the opportunity to get admission to the school of your choice. Hon’ble Minister of Education The purpose of introducing this system is to ensure that all students can be admitted to the school of their choice while maintaining equality. No one seems to have any trouble or anyone’s talent is not wasted that’s it. There is no special reason other than this reason.

Govt School Migration System 2023 

There are some specific rules for migration, and they are discussed below to solve your problem.

Note: You must complete the admission before migrating. For which you have to use your user ID and password again
At first, visit
Then, Complete your admission.
However, you must mark Migration Yes when you submit the application.

Which is necessary to migrate 2023

It takes some necessary things to do every job, just as it takes some paper to migrate. Below are the things you need to do to migrate.

Application Form
Birth Certificate
Passport Size Picture

Payment Slip

সরকারী বিদ্যালয়ে ভর্তি মাইগ্রেশন সিস্টেম ২০২৩ 

Govt School Admission Migration System

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