HSC Board Challenge Result 2021

Finally, the HSC result did publish on 13th February 2022. Finally, after a long wait, the HSC result did publish on 13th February 2022. This is the first time HSC results have been held free without examination.

Those who did badly in SSC did a very good preparation to get good results this time, but it turned out that the test did not happen. Now the question is how to give the result to whom?

The resulting system is as follows: 25 percent of JSC and 75 percent of SSC combined HSC results are provided. Another important point here is that the students who got Golden A+ and A+ in JSC and SSC also got Golden A+ and A+ in HSC.

HSC Board Challenge 2021

HSC results without exam, so those who did badly in SSC were hoping to do well in HSC. But unfortunately, those who were required to get good results did not get the craved result the test did not happen. I had to get the result without the test.

The board challenges those who think the test has given them the expected results compared to the way they did. Simply put, the result was bad or failed but he did not give the test as bad or failed. Only they challenge the board. Board Challenges Not everyone, qualified and confident students challenge the board.

HSC Board Challenge System HSC Board Challenge 2021

HSC Board Challenge 2021 Re-Scrutiny Process

HSC Board Challenge 2021

HSC board challenge start date: 14th February and finish time 20th February 2021. This application can do easily made by anyone sitting at home. But how? The way to do it is highlighted below. 

  1. Result Review can apply only from Teletalk Prepaid Mobile. Go to the message option of the mobile, type REV, write the first three letters of the board with <SPACE>, write the roll number with <SPACE>, and send an SMS to 16222.
    Example: type: REV <SPACE> Raj <SPACE> 654321 and send 16222
  2. A PIN number will be given on the returned SMS. Go to Message Options, type REV, <space>, Yes, <space>, PIN, <space>, any contact number (any operator) and send an SMS to 16222.
    Example: type: REV <SPACE> Yes <SPACE> Pin number <SPACE>  Mobile number and send 16222.
  3. The application fee per student is 125 Taka(one hundred and twenty-five).
  4. No manual application can accept.

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