Hi, My dear student. The HSC exam knocking on the door. The HSC fully appropriate is Higher Secondary Certificate. Every student needs a routine. Because, the routine is the main maintain of exam time, that’s why need an exam routine. HSC exam is the start on Bangla 1st  paper April 2021. The 1st exam is Bangla’s 1st paper and the last exam is the Sociology 2nd part.



HSC has been published on My website  2021 – All Edu Board exam title is Higher Secondary Certificate, Higher Secondary Certificate Exam in this year number of 15,48,655 students are attend HSC examination. The last year 13,51,505 students have taken part in the HSC  Exam from 9081 educational institutions. Total 6,87,009 students are female candidate and 6,64,496 students are male candidate. Bangladesh is a small country but it has a large number of people. Now Bangladesh has 17+ corer people. Of the 17 corers of students, 15,48,655 students are candidates.

Marks and Time distributions

The HSC all exams are a number of 100 marks. Again there is some share in it e.g., Among the common topics, MCQ is number 30 and written number 70. Again, among these common topics, ICT MCQ has been 25 marks, Practical 25 marks, and Written 50 marks totally 100 marks. Science has Practical Numbers in all subjects, the number is 25,25,50 Total number 100. That’s like humanities and Commercial some subjects have a practical number. And we discuss time, All exams have 100 marks. There are parts to it. The first test starts with   MCQ  with 30 minutes of 30 MCQ or 25 minutes of 25 MCQ. Then start Written part is 70 marks 2.30 hours or 50 marks 2.25 hours. The practical exam


Marks and Letter grade system

Marks Grade Point Letter Grade
80-100 5.00 A+
70-79 4.00 A
60-69 3.50 A-
50-59 3.00 B
40-49 2.00 C
33-39 1.00 D
0-32 0.00 F

Board distributions

Bangladesh has 09 boards and 01 vocational institute. The 09 board question is different, that’s can’t match one other. Sometimes, 01 or 02 board questions match one other. But always should not match. Check the below and find your board.

  • Dhaka Board Routine
  • Barisal Board Routine
  • Comilla Board Routine
  • Chittagong Board Routine
  • Dinajpur Board Routine
  • Jessore Board Routine
  • Mymensingh Routine
  • Rajshahi Board Routine
  • Sylhet Board Routine

HSC Routine PDF Download

 Check the below of your HSC routine




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